A Lesson in Unassuming Luxury


Our shoes offer refined design and premium details. That’s why we partner with expert artisans in Italy and Northern Portugal. Two regions known for robust shoe craftsmanship come together to produce high-end shoes that offer luxe style and exclusivity.

The Mengloria brand is about quality and effortless style. Working with Italian and Portuguese experts was a natural choice for us. We strive to offer the perfect product, so partnering with the best was the ultimate goal. Each step of the Mengloria process is completed by artisans with the highest levels of experience, ensuring that our shoes are seamless. Few countries offer such in-depth knowledge of leathers and hand-made techniques, so for us, Italy and Portugal were unquestionably the best for our designs. 

Confidently Merging Tradition and Innovation

Two countries with exceptional techniques and know-how provide the ideal foundation to experiment with innovative styles and fashion. The Portuguese and Italian artisans can bring creations to life while staying true to the basic principles of the manufacturing process for a perfect and wearable form. These experts are paving the way for mechanized models that can be used to complement the hand-made aspect of manufacture. The trends and silhouettes may change, but the dedication to details, finishings, and fit truly allows the products to stand apart.